Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Gerry Roach’s Professional Resume


I have extensive experience in solving complex problems. I have a math degree and decades of experience as a senior software engineer in both the scientific and business communities. My expanded skill set includes web site design and implementation, web graphics, impaired accessibility, technical writing, teaching, photography, video production and powerful presentations. I know web graphics, web design, HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, and accessibility. I am proficient with Photoshop, Bridge, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, JavaScript, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Apple’s Keynote, Aperture, and Motion. I have a certificate in video production using Final Cut and Studio Pro. I am at ease on PCs, Macs, and Unix platforms.

Throughout my technical career, I have done extensive technical writing, often for motivational purposes and have given keynote presentations to sales forces. I have led and managed teams of technical developers and always balanced their needs with corporate realities. I have given in-depth seminars to professionals and taught university students computer science. Working as a professional photographer gives me a keen sense of how to balance words and images for a specific impact.

I bring maturity, experience and a relentless, honed curiosity to every job. To each new challenge, I bring the same creative energy that takes me to the top of Earth’s great peaks. I have traveled extensively, love the planet and world we live on and in, and understand many of its complexities, both environmental and political. I am deeply motivated to solve planet-sized problems, and I particularly enjoy jobs that take me to intellectual heights.


Summit Sight Montrose CO 2003 to present – Director
Senior Engineer, Author, DVD producer, Web site designer,
Professional Presentations

Authoring over twenty books, CDs, DVDs, and shows has given me ample opportunity to organize complex information sets and present them in a palatable way. Working as a professional photographer and videographer has given me a keen sense of how to balance words, images, and video for a specific impact. Please visit my website portfolio for samples of my web, photography, and graphics work.

Circadence Inc. Boulder CO 2016-2017 Senior Engineer

I worked extensively with Missions 1 through 6 for the release of Ares 2.0. I tested the Missions on multiple Mac platforms, and worked closely with the development team in Tupelo MS. I wrote Python scripts for several Missions to automate the test process.

Allocity Inc. Boulder CO 2002–2003 Senior Engineer

I created and executed a comprehensive strategy for the company’s product that provided back-up, restore, and provisioning for Microsoft Exchange systems.

NetLibrary Inc. Boulder CO 2000 Senior Engineer

I created, populated, and maintained an internal test web site parallel to NetLibrary’s live site. My system was in compliable Perl, and utilized some of NetLibrary’s proprietary Web tools. I worked with the Editors who used my system to ensure that their e-books were publishable.

StorageTek Inc. Louisville CO 1998–1999 Senior Engineer

I rewrote the software control and build processes for REELS, which was a backup product. The processes were based on UNIX make, Codemanager, Perl, and Bourne shell scripts. My system successfully built and tested multiple products on 30 different UNIX platforms every night. Some of the builds were at remote sites. I was also a technical lead for the code improvement team.

Dataware Inc. Boulder CO 1995–1997 Senior Engineer

I rewrote a large database application from Borland Owl to the MFC under Visual C++.
I was in charge of the application’s communications software.

StorageTek Inc. Louisville CO 1991–1995 Senior Engineer

I ported the Iceberg software simulator from DOS to UNIX. The simulator allowed application code developers to test their code before Iceberg hardware was fully developed. The simulator consisted of 130,000 lines of C code, and the porting effort was a large, exacting job. The simulator made heavy use of the UNIX tools LEX, YACC and Curses. In addition to the port, I created a large battery of C-shell scripts to control and monitor simulator execution on a variety of UNIX platforms. I also ported the Iceberg software control and build process to Perl scripts under ClearCase configuration management.

Reference Technology Inc. Boulder CO 1990–1991 Project Manager

I managed a team of software engineers developing in C. We created, installed, and maintained custom application software for the archival storage and retrieval of diverse data sets.

Precision Visuals Inc. Boulder CO 1986–1990 Senior Engineer

I designed, wrote, tested, and maintained code for PVI’s graphic software products. I worked on their flagship product PicSure Plus that layered a user-friendly interface on top of PVI’s graphic subroutine package DI-3000. I was also the support engineer for five PVI products.

Paragon Associates Boulder CO; Cibar Institute Longmont CO 1984–1986 Technical Instructor

I taught three-day UNIX and C courses nationwide. I also taught courses in Data Structures, Pascal, and Software Testing.

NBI Inc. Boulder CO 1981–1984 Senior Engineer

I designed, wrote, tested, and maintained word processing software for the company that defined word processing standards. I maintained 64K of terse assembler code that fueled NBI’s original workstation, the 3000. I also designed a spell checker.

Cibar Inc. Durango CO 1979–1981 Senior Engineer

I maintained and ported Cibar’s custom report writer package for Morgan Guarantee and Trust of New York. This report writer consisted of three Pascal programs. One program translated the user’s report, coded in our special fourth-generation language RDL, to assembler. My main responsibility was the data translator that extracted data from the database. I rewrote the highly recursive data translator in Cobol—a challenging task. A third program provided a high-level quick-look facility into the database. I also designed a system monitor program for an on-line transaction system.

Earlier jobs include:

High Altitude Observatory Boulder CO Support Scientist

I reduced, compressed, analyzed, and presented digitized coronal photographs taken from Skylab. This work pressed the limits of credible data reduction, and required considerable judgment to maintain the validity of the results.

Denver Research Institute Denver CO Math Analyst

I received, reduced, and stored large quantities of data. I wrote custom retrieval, analysis, and presentation software in Fortran for cosmic ray data gathered from worldwide data collection stations including DRI’s own “Meson Manor.”

National Center for Atmospheric Research Boulder CO Programmer

I worked closely with a senior scientist, and wrote Fortran programs for his research on stellar interiors. This research was largely theoretical, and our work pressed the limits of numerical analysis.


B.S. in Mathematics, University of Washington
M.S. Graduate studies in Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley
Famous Photographers School - Still Photography program
Course work in Physics at the University of Denver
Took and got an A in a creative writing class at CU
Certificates from CU in Graphics, HTML, and Accessibility
Certificate from The Art Institute of Colorado in Broadcast Video Design


I am the 12th American to climb Mount Everest, the 2nd person to climb the highest peak on all seven continents, the 1st person to climb North America’s 13 highest peaks, and the 7th person to climb the three crowning summits in Denali National Park—Denali, Foraker, and Hunter.
I received the Sierra Club’s coveted Francis P. Farquhar Mountaineering Award for a lifetime of mountaineering achievement in 2005.

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